There are many reasons you may need to see an orthopedics specialist. With over 200 bones in the adult human body and over 200 joints, you’re bound to experience pain or an injury in one of them at some point in your life. Additionally, orthopedists treat common sports injuries like ligament tears, tendonitis, and fractures, as well as chronic pain conditions like arthritis and low back pain.


If you’re searching for Greater Cincinnati tri-state ortho care, look no further than BEST Surgery and Therapies. We offer progressive, modern treatments and services on our state-of-the-art campus in Cincinnati, OH. Learn more about why BEST is the best choice for you!  

When Is It Time to Start Looking for an Orthopedist?

The following are signs that indicate you could benefit from seeing an orthopedic specialist instead of your primary care doctor. 


  • Chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks (3 months). If you’re living with consistent pain that isn’t relieved with at-home care and rest, it’s time to see an orthopedist to determine the root cause. Orthopedic specialists are experts at diagnosing and treating chronic back and neck pain, among other types of chronic pain. 


  • Joint pain without improvement. Occasional bouts of joint aches, pains and discomforts is normal, but persistent pain indicates a larger problem. Joint pain, morning stiffness, and tenderness are early signs of arthritis, the leading cause of joint problems among adults. 


  • Pain that hinders daily activities. If you’re living with pain and stiffness that makes it difficult to walk, run errands, get into and out of the car, climb stairs, exercise, or perform other daily tasks, it’s time to see an orthopedic specialist. 


  • A decrease in range of motion. If you notice a decrease in range of motion — like not being able to fully bend or straighten your knee, or not being able to lift your arm to its full range — it’s time to seek specialist care. Joint stiffness and decreased range of motion are early signs of arthritis. 


  • Instability. Shakiness, wobbliness, or a feeling of instability while standing or walking indicates a joint problem that needs medical attention from an expert. 


  • Nerve pain and symptoms. Pain, weakness, and numbness or tingling that radiates down an arm or leg are common symptoms of a pinched nerve or nerve damage. Failing to treat nerve problems can lead to chronic pain or permanent nerve damage, so make an appointment with an orthopedist as soon as possible if you experience the symptoms listed above. 


  • Non-healing soft tissue injury. If you sustained a soft tissue injury that’s not showing signs of improvement after 48 hours, get yourself to an orthopedist without delay. BEST Surgery and Therapies has an OrthoCare Urgent Clinic to diagnose and treat acute orthopedic injuries that require immediate attention.


It’s also a good idea to see an experienced orthopedic doctor if you have pain or other symptoms following a traumatic accident like a car crash, fall, direct blow to a joint, or sports accident. 

Orthopedic Services We Offer

At BEST, we offer a full range of orthopedic services to treat acute injuries, chronic conditions, and everything in between. 


  • Physical therapy. We offer one-on-one physical therapy sessions with a board-certified therapist, as well as other types of PT regimens.
  • Pain management. We offer the newest and most effective pain management techniques, including injections, spinal cord stimulation, pain pumps, and nerve ablation. 
  • Nutrition services. We offer personalized nutrition services to aid with weight management, rehabilitation and recovery, and overall health maintenance.
  • Surgery. We perform orthopedic surgeries and minimally invasive spine procedures in our ambulatory surgery center (ASC). 

Top 6 Tips for Choosing the Right Orthopedics Clinic in Cincinnati

We get it — there are a lot of clinics to choose from for Greater Cincinnati tri-state ortho care, and the choice can feel overwhelming when you’re looking for a new provider. To help, we’ve made a list of six criteria you should look for before making a final decision.


  1. Recommendations. Friends, family, your primary care physician, other healthcare professionals and even your insurance company are all great sources of recommendations for the best orthopedic clinics in your area. 


  1. Credentials. When you’re evaluating orthopedic surgeons, review his or her education and degrees, certifications, training and specializations. Make sure your physician is board-certified in orthopedic surgery — board certification ensures that the physician has the skills and expertise to successfully diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions. Sites like and are great resources to find this type of information. 


  1. Relevant experience. Make sure the clinics you’re considering treat your specific condition, injury or type of pain. During your initial consultation, ask the doctor how much experience he or she has treating your condition or the symptoms you’re having. 


  1. Communication. Communication is key — both with clinic staff and your medical team. Is it easy to make an appointment or speak with your doctor when you call the office? Does your doctor answer all your questions satisfactorily, or do you feel rushed or confused during a consultation?


  1. Comfort. Your personal comfort is one of the most important components to consider. Make sure you feel comfortable revealing personal information about your medical history, asking questions, and discussing all options and outcomes for your treatment plan. Additionally, make sure the clinic staff is friendly, genuine, and willing to help you schedule appointments, make insurance arrangements, and provide good service overall.


  1. Insurance coverage. There’s no denying that orthopedic care can be costly. Check your insurance plan and consider finding an orthopedist in-network so that you can make the most of your coverage.  


Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion or schedule a few different consultations to compare your options. Above all, choosing an orthopedic provider is a personal, private decision — make sure you’re prioritizing your comfort level and needs above everything else.

Find the Best Ortho Care in the Cincinnati Tri-State Area

BEST is a single-stop healthcare solution for minimally invasive orthopedic and spine care. Our state-of-the-art campus contains all the treatments and services you’ll need, including a physical therapy center, pain management suite, spine and orthopedic clinic, urgent orthopedic care center, ambulatory surgery center (ASC), and diagnostic imaging center.  


We have a quick-reply scheduling service that allows rapid patient access to our modern healthcare facility in Cincinnati, OH. Please call us to speak with a dedicated Patient Experience Coordinator and schedule your first appointment.

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