Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions we hear from patients about our orthopedic and spine care services. Questions? Call us at 513-572-8670.

We’ve compiled a list of your most frequently asked questions for easy access and fast answers! Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please call our office and our care team will be happy to assist you.

General Questions

Who is your anesthesiologist?

Anesthesia at our ambulatory surgery centers is provided by Apollo Anesthesia. For information about their physicians and services, please click here to visit their website.

What standards have you set for billing?

Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to navigate the complex health insurance & billing field. Our patient advocates are here to assist with any questions you may have regarding this information. At Beacon, we require the prepayment of any estimated patient responsibility amounts prior to the service being performed. Depending on your insurance benefits, you may have a deductible, coinsurance, or co-pay. Our patient advocates may be contacting you regarding your estimated out-of-pocket costs to set up payment arrangements.

When you have surgery, you will likely receive multiple bills. These bills can include:

  • Professional Charges — Professional charges are the fees that are paid to the physician for performing the surgery. For assistance with these fees, please contact the appropriate patient advocate associated with the physician that will be performing your surgery.
  • Facility Charges — Facility charges are the fees from the building where the surgery was performed which cover the costs of medications, implants, and supplies. These can come from the Surgery Center or Hospital, depending on where your care is performed. For assistance with the Beacon Surgery Center’s fees, contact our representative at the number listed above.
  • Anesthesia Charges — Anesthesia charges are the fees from the anesthesiologists’ services during your surgery and recovery. If performed at our Surgery Center, these bills will come from Apollo Anesthesia.

The quoted amounts due for surgery are only estimates. The patient’s charges can fluctuate depending on changes in the patient’s benefits or the procedure performed. If the amount quoted is less than what is actually due, the patient will be required to pay the difference after the surgery. If the amount quoted is higher than the actual amount, the patient will receive a refund in a timely manner. Questions regarding the Surgery Authorization? Please contact your physician’s surgery scheduler to discuss the matter.

What are your standard charges for CPT codes?

At BEST, we understand that choosing a quality healthcare provider and having the means to pay for healthcare are important to you. We provide price estimates for routine procedures to help you make an informed decision about the services that you receive. Pricing for services may vary based on your individual healthcare needs and your health insurance benefits. The information is only an estimate, for asc services only, and does not include any professional fees, such as for physicians, radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, etc. This is not a guarantee of final billed charges. Many factors that cannot be taken into account in this estimate can affect final billed charges, such as a patient’s medical condition, unknown circumstances, complications, final diagnosis and treatment ordered by a physician. Insurance benefit information (where applicable) may be provided here and is based on information supplied by your insurance company as of the date of this estimate. Benefits and eligibility, as stated here, are subject to change and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of payment.

Click on the link  to see our standard charges for the CPT codes that we perform.

What type of procedures does BEST provide?

BEST provides a wide variety of medically necessary outpatient procedures such as minimally invasive spine surgery, total knee replacement surgery, total hip replacement surgery, and much more. For procedures not listed on our website under treatments, please call us to see if we offer what you need.

What if the doctor at BEST says surgery is not a good option?

Many of our patients at BEST are seen by a surgeon and he or she can provide conservative treatment options alternative to surgery.

What makes BEST different than other medical practices that treat the same conditions?

BEST is a patient-first practice that prides itself in patient hospitality, education, and care. Our first priority is to treat our patients with respect, address our patient’s needs not their condition first, and communicate in a way that focuses on a positive patient experience.

A major source of pride for us is our surgeon experience. We hire highly qualified surgeons with a solid track record in their fields.

Why choose outpatient surgery?

Outpatient surgery has a significantly lower risk of infection due to the amount of foot traffic in comparison to a typical hospital setting that sees a higher volume of patients on a daily bases. Outpatient surgical procedures send patients home the same day without an overnight stay so patients can recover from the comfort of their own home instead of sleeping in a hospital bed. On average the medical procedure expenses are lower due to the shorter time spent at the facility in comparison to inpatient operations.

Why is minimally invasive surgery a good option?

If you are considering minimally invasive surgery as an alternative to traditional surgery, here are the facts: 

  1. Less than a 1-inch incision is made on the area of surgery. 
  2. Due to smaller incisions patients have reduced trauma to the muscles and soft tissues, and better cosmetic results from surgery. 
  3. Less blood loss from surgery. 
  4. Reduced risk of infection and post-op pain. 
  5. Faster recovery and rehabilitation post-op. 
  6. Reduced risk of complications on the body.

About Our Services

What is BEST?

BEST is a single-solution healthcare experience designed to meet the needs of each patient through an interdisciplinary, individualized care plan that integrates all services and treatments the patient will need. All care is delivered in our state-of-the-art facility, facilitating high-level communications among a full medical team that is holistically engrossed in promoting optimal outcomes. 

Patient-centered care is the very essence of our culture at BEST. Our organization strives to find creative ways to enhance the patient experience while delivering the highest quality of care and achieving optimal outcomes.

The BEST method delivers an interdisciplinary, multipronged treatment plan geared to meet each patient-specific plan for wellness. 

What to Expect From Your Visit

At BEST, we strive for excellence in both our patient care and staff professionalism.

In our state-of-the-art facilities, you can expect the gold standard when it comes to cleanliness and organization, especially during the COVID epidemic. 

I'm not local - can I still receive treatment at BEST?

Yes, we have many patients who travel to receive our specialized services. At BEST, we provide all necessary services and treatments in a single location, which streamlines the patient experience for non-local patients. We encourage you to call our office for more information and assistance. 

If I came from out of town, how long would I have to stay?

It depends. At BEST, our medical care team builds individualized care plans based on each patient’s needs. We won’t know for sure what kind of treatment plan you’ll need until after your first evaluation from our providers. 

Is my treatment covered by insurance?

We do work with many major insurance providers. Please call our office and speak with a care coordinator to find out if your treatment is eligible for insurance coverage. If applicable, our team will help you through the filing process.

If you have been told you have a spine or orthopaedic condition that will need surgery, contact us today to learn about how minimally invasive surgery may be the right fit for you.

BEST Surgery & Therapies focuses on minimally invasive procedures for spine and orthopaedic relief. If you’re living with back, neck, hip or knee pain, minimally invasive spine procedure treatment options are available.

With an increasing number of surgical cases safely migrating to the outpatient setting, BEST Surgery & Therapies looks forward to providing patients with high-quality, lower-cost care. Minimally invasive surgery with BEST Surgery & Therapies relies on the latest technology and techniques in the field to perform the least invasive surgical procedure for the body to recover from.

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