Amish Services

Ohio is home to a population of around 80,000 Amish settlements all across the state. For Amish patients who are seeking spine and orthopaedic care, it’s important to receive high-quality care from a facility that respects and understands Amish culture and values. 

BEST Surgery & Therapies is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, accessible to those in and outside of the state for minimally invasive spine and orthopaedic treatment and procedures. For Amish families who are traveling to seek medical attention, our team at BEST has a dedicated support team for travel support, partnered housing, self-pay package, and much more to provide the BEST, most efficient healthcare experience.

Self-Pay Package Pricing

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with the quality healthcare that you deserve. As a healthcare outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Center, we provide a range of options for all of our patients. 

Our health care package pricing focuses on high-quality treatment for self-pay patients. Your comparative shopping is welcome, and we will be glad to answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact us to discuss our self-pay pricing.

Dedicated Support Team

As part of BEST’s Amish services program, we are committed to proper representation of our patient’s needs, wants, and wishes.

Our dedicated support team can assist our Amish patients with questions, concerns, or specific requests within our facility. Our number one objective is to deliver the BEST healthcare by communicating and collaborating with our team, our patient, and their advocate.  

Partner Housing

BEST Health System offers partnered housing for our Amish patients. We have partnered with specific housing locations in collaboration with Amish appropriate lodgings. To learn if you are eligible for partnered housing or for questions regarding housing, please contact BEST at:

Transportation And Travel Support

BEST is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, an accessible location to people both in and out of state. If you are in need of transportation or travel assistance, BEST can arrange plans. We are committed to assisting those coming from long distances and will provide information on the best transportation routes and travel options. To learn more, contact us today.

Health Education

At BEST, we believe in patient education and informed consent regarding the procedures and treatments that we provide. Caring for our community’s health begins with providing educational presentations and information to inform our patients about each type of treatment and the reasons for and against it. 

The BEST staff includes a highly skilled and educated team of interdisciplinary professionals who pride themselves on providing an educational care experience for all patients.

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